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Co-rotating twin-screw extruder TSK-PCE


With the TSK-PCE co-rotating twin-screw extruder Theysohn offers you an exclusive compounder with horizontally split barrel design. The process unit will be opened by spindle drive and guarantees a quick access to the twin-screws.

This significantly reduces cleaning times, and the process can also be sampled directly using the screws that are now exposed.

The TSK-PCE is able to process a wide range of formulations; the opening process section is ideal for battery compounds, powder coating formulations or adhesives.


  • Screw diameter 20 – 80 mm
  • Do/Di 1,55 or in high volume design Do/Di 1,83
  • Process part that can be opened completely horizontally
  • Quick access to the twin-screws
  • Less space required as the screws are removed from above
  • Quick cleaning at product change
  • Analysing of process performance possible when the process part is open
  • Optional with screw core cooling of screw shafts
  • Fully intermeshing, self-cleaning, co-rotating screw elements
  • Screw rotation speed up to 1200 min (-1)
  • Efficient internal water cooling for the extruder barrels, heated by heating cartridges or bronze heating shells, insulated with stainless steel covers
  • Comprehensive range of accessories, eg. Side feed, vertical or horizontal degasing unit, cooling unit
  • A wide range of accessories, eg. Side-feeders, vertical or horizontal degassing/vent stuffer, barrel cooling unit are available


  • Hotmelt adhesive
  • Powder coatings, thermoset formulations
  • PET food
  • Catalysator masterbatch
  • Production of filled and reinforced compounds
  • Production of additive and color masterbatch
  • Cable compounds
  • Alloying of compounds
  • Degassing tasks
  • Applications in the area of reactive extrusion