Perfect individual components alone do not make any sense

The Theysohn Group is a pioneer in the extrusion industry. It is the only company in the world which supplies process optimized extrusion lines (PVC extrusion and Compounding) developed and manufactured on its own.

Not only connoisseurs but masters

Many companies claim they can build perfect components for extrusion lines, but what about the perfect interaction of these components operating as a whole? Theysohn understands the entire extrusion process and technology, and aligns the individual components to precisely harmonize with each other.

An international team of experts

An entire team of specialized companies is operating at two different locations in Austria and Germany to manufacture top-notch machinery and components. Theysohn counts as the world’s most important profile and pipe producers and also has leading compounding companies among its customers.



Theysohn Germany

Theysohn in Salzgitter, Germany, is responsible for controlling the heart and soul of the extruder, namely the processing units.

The production plant also manufactures replacement, single and twin screws as well as the accompanying barrels for extruders as well as for other materials in addition to PVC, and on behalf of other extrusion producers and injection molding machines.

Moreover, the Theysohn Salzgitter site also develops TSK compounding extruders for producing filled or reinforced plastics, additive or color master batches, for alloying and degassing plastics and for applications in the field of reactive extrusion.


Theysohn Austria

Theysohn is the competence center for counter-rotating twin-screw extruders and the conceptual design of complete pipe and profile extrusion facilities.

With its new ergonomically designed and all new, technically upgraded extrusion line, Theysohn sets new standards with respect to efficiency, productivity and reliability.

The Theysohn group also developed technology for 3-layer pipes (foam or compact core from recycling material), C-PVC pipes and Co-extrusion for all PVC profiles and pipes.