Components for the plastic, chemical, rubber and food industry

theysohn-componentsFor more than fifty years the name Theysohn is synonimous for efficient production of high precision quality components. Through extensive development and production know-how we offer optimum problem solutions to our customers.

  • screws for extruders and injection moulding machines
  • single screw barrels, bimetallic barrels
  • parallel and conical twin-screws and barrels
  • repair service for screws and barrels
  • precision components for machine building
  • barrels and screw shafts for twin-screw extruders
  • co-rotating twin-screw extruders
  • side feeding units
  • refurbishment of barrel and liner


Single- and Twin-Screws
The plasma-based welding provides the capability to produce screws whose surface is protected against abrasion. Wear-protecting layers are produced comprising of Ni/C-based alloys and specially developed and modified tungsten-carbide alloys.

Single- and Twin-Screws Barrels
The production technology of Extruder-Komponenten Salzgitter joins with the advanced materials and the profound expertise owned by our highly qualified team guaranteeing the highest possible precision.

Barrel Sections and Screw Shafts
Extruder-Komponenten Salzgitter supplies barrel sections and screw shafts incorporated into compounders. The standard barrel design is comprised of steel that has been subject to indepth nitriding.

Theysohn barrel sections optionally have exchangeable liners which are made of through-hardened special steel. Thus, they are highly abrasion resistant. This makes them ideal when processing plastics that include abrasive additivies.


Screw Elements

Optimal self cleaning of screw elements and narrow residence time distribution

theysohn-SchneckenThe Theysohn compounder can be delivered in a range of sizes. All of them feature tightly intermeshing co-rotating twin-screw elements. This enables an optimal rate of self-cleaning by the screw elements and a narrow residence time distribution.

A wide and diverse range of screw elements has been created in order to enable the compounder to handle a wide range of processing tasks. The screw elements are arranged to meet the requirements of the process at hand, and can be delivered in abrasion and corrosion resistant material comprising hardened and composite steel. The selection of wear protection depends on the nature of processing task.

Screw shafts and elements display the most precise production tolerances and join together with the selection of high performance wear materials in enabling the transmission of high torques and screw speed.


Processing Unit

theysohn-processing-unitTheysohn offers a range of barrel sections, optimally facilitating all applications. The barrel section are designed to handle the process in which they will be deployed, and are securely bolted together with flanges. The design have the tightest manufacturing tolerances, which guarantees the absolute sealing security of flange surfaces. Available in closed, feeding and degassing models of 4D, 6D and 8D lengths.

The barrel section feature shrinked in liner manufactured from powder metallurgical material and a high performance internal cooling system.

The design guarantees a perfect and precise tempering, rapid heating and efficient cooling. These features lead to a higher rate of plant operating efficiency.


Drive & transmission unit

Drive & transmission unitThe main drive of the Theysohn Compounder is fitted with a high quality DC or AC motor produced by renown manufacturers. The high performance and highly compact transmission unit is connected to the drive via mechanical overload clutch.


Control system

A Siemens PLC forms the basis of the proven control system forming the control heart of the Theysohn compounder. This system features screens enabling the visualization, selection and reading of all processing parameters.

An archiving system enabling the data storage to an external media is availaible too. Key process values are displayed as trend graphs.