THEYSOHN Compounder
Universally applicable

Its advanced and proven technologies enable the Theysohn Compounder to handle all compounding operations:


Theysohn TSK Compounder


The new innovative extrusion concept

The ultimate solution for excessive melt temperatures.


Advantages of TSKaskade UNITY

  • total separation in process technology of product entry/plastification/dispersion/incorporation/degassing from the necessary pressure build-up etc. 
  • highest reduction of melt temperature with intensive cooling of screw shafts and barrel
  • gentle utilization of extruder TSK and increased lifetime
  • elimination of pressure fluctuations and  pulsing =>  guarantees the highest constant conveying product output
  • increase of output
  • improvement of product quality
  • continuous inline processes means much less energy consumption
  • simplified start of the machine
  • less consumption of raw material at the start 
  • savings on raw material

Combination of co-rotating & counter-rotating twin-screw extruders 
for a wide range of application

The Theysohn TSKaskade UNITY series represents THE development of the combination of co- and counter-rotating extruder types. The TSKaskade UNITY series was designed especially for the need for flexible high-performance extrusion systems. Highest product quality and flexibility are achieved with proven and reliable modular process units.  

Due to the possible use of co-rotating twin screw kneader, either of the high torque model series TSK or alternatively the high volume series TSK-HV, in combination with the counter-rotating series CON or XTS-R, a maximum variety for an optimal adaption process can be reached. 

By the combination of both extrusion technologies each of the single systems can exploit it‘s original advantages, thus offering a never before achieved added value.

For more information please contact Mr. Carsten Meyer or Mr. Edmund Landrock (click on the name for email or follow the LINK to more contact information)



theysohn-compounderAdding Value through Experience

The Theysohn group offers the TSK series of Co-rotating Twin-screw compounders, that with basis of extensive experience, have built and developed solutions for customers worldwide for many years.

Theysohn TSK is THE Compentence-Centre with their two distinctive technologies, firstly the standard TSK high-torque series for standard and high-torque applications, and secondly their TSK-HV (high-volume) series. This high-volume series for shear sensitive and materials and also applications with low bulk density feeds is the highest volume machine in the market with a Do/Di ration of 1.83.

Additionally the series TSK-PCE is specially designed for the production of Powder-coatings. Based on it's special design it is the perfect machine for output, quality and flexibility. Special features are it's extremely efficient barrel cooling, a horizontal split barrel and internal screw cooling.


Compounder TSK

theysohn-compounder1Theysohn Compounder TSK:

  • ø: 20 - 176 mm
  • max. torque/shaft: 40,0 - 35000 Nm
  • torque factor: 8,8 - 18,0 Nm/cm³
  • max. screw speed: 400 - 1200 min (-1)
  • max. motor power: 7,5 - 3090 KW


TSK High Volume

theysohn-TSK75HV_47DTheysohn TSK High Volume:
  • ø: 48 - 150 mm
  • Do/Di: 1,81 - 1,85  (1)
  • max. torque/shaft: 450 - 16500 Nm
  • torque factor: 8,5 - 10,6 Nm/cm³
  • max. screw speed: 450 - 1200 min (-1)
  • max. motor power: 120 - 1635 KW


Compounder TSK PCE

theysohn-TSKPCEpowder coatings extruder

For compounding of powder coating formulations we have engineered a new range of TSK PCE machines with many new features. For example a high feed intake capacity combined with intensive barrel and screw cooling.

  • specially designed feed port with intake pocket
  • high volume geometry
  • screw cooling from model PCE048 onwards
  • intensive barrel cooling
  • processing unit in clamshells design, with fully opening barrel halves
  • closely self wiping/cleaning screw profile
  • high screw rpm
  • high torque factor at highest free volume
  • ø: 20 - 64 mm
  • Do/Di: 1,6 - 1,85 (1)
  • max. torque/shaft: 40,0 - 1300 Nm
  • max. screw speed: 800 - 1200 min (-1)
  • max. motor power: 9,0 - 345 KW