Efficient overall concept.

Our portfolio of twin screw extruders is supplemented with additional units that have proven themselves in practice and enrich the technically efficient overall concept.

Side-feeder TSD


The co-rotating, tight meshing side feed TSD gives the possibilty to add pellets, powder, fillers and fibres into the twin-screw extruder TSK.

A large feed opening with a special intake geometry supports the safe material intake, a special, optimized screw geometry ensures maximum material intake and safe conveyance into the extruder.

Depending on process requirements the side feed can be heated, cooled or can be shown as separate control zone. Proven materials guarantee the well-known long Theysohn service life, even under the toughest conditions.

Degassing units TVS and TDS


The problem is known and annoying. The compounder still has power reserve but the material leaks from the atmospheric or the vacuum degassing dome. The solution is a twin-screw stuffer unit which will be mounted at the side or on top of the extruder barrel. The co-rotating, tightly intermeshing screws keep your melt in the extruder and allow you to expand the process window.

In addition, the degassing performance of the extruder is improved and an uncontrolled escape of powder, gases or melt into your work environment is prevented.