Coextrusion by Theysohn

Coextrusion - Profiles

Based on our philosophy of almost five decades, extrusion solutions have been developed and realized with numerous customers worldwide. Starting from the largest project ever established in window profile extrusion, down to single toolings or extruders, a full range of technologies is put together to form an ideal and well set solution for production of  window profiles as well as window sills and panels for doors and shutters. Cable ducts and gutters are also available. Solutions for all mentioned profiles can be offered for PVC in solid as well as foam applications in single layer and co-extrusion in single, double and multiple strand production.

PVC as a highly impact resistant raw material is converted into a wide range of technical profiles by extrusion. Theysohn supply complete solutions for the production of rigid and foam PVC technical profiles, including co-extrusion options (e.g. ASA and PMMA), with various optical effects (e.g. inline printing) and film application. Additional features are direct and post co-extrusion of soft PVC elements like gaskets, lips and other components. Tooling concepts range from single to multiple strand solutions with line output of up to 800 kg/h.

Production technologies: window, door and cover panels, rain gutter, foam profiles, wall panels, skirting profiles, cable ducts, window sills, curtain rail, siding


Coextrusion - Pipes

3-layer foam core pipes – The 30% cost saving solution!

3-layer PVC-pipes are one of the absolute domains of Theysohn. “We are seen as the technical market leader,“ says Peter Cervenka, product manager of pipes, at Theysohn. “Theysohn has already installed more than 200 lines. Cost savings in production of up to 26% mainly on material savings by foam core, is the vital argument to compete with compact pipes in non-pressure applications!”

Using virgin or recycled material has been the major advantage of this technology. Standard fitting systems, as known for compact pipes, can be used. The output ranges from 200 to 2000 kg/h using a combination of two or three extruders in a production setting. Highest capacity sold is 20 m/min. Smaller dimensions are using double-strand technology. “Another big advantage of Theysohn is the low-cost formulation recommended.”

Pipes are usually produced according to national standards. The main standards are EN 1401-1 and EN 13476 as well as US F 891. Wall thickness is determined in a way that ring stiffness classes of 2, 4, 6 and 8 kN can be achieved. Highest classes already done are 16 kN.
A typical application is sewerage pipes reaching a market share of 85 % on comparable applications in Europe, which have totally erased compact pipes for this application. There is a clear potential for massive growth in the middle and near east regions.

Development priorities are at higher levels for filling of foam core and skin, 3-extruder settings with colouring of the outside skin only and extended use of recycling material in the middle layer. By using 2 extruders, outer and inner layers can be produced in different colors and therefore color pigments can be saved.

Please read more about co-extrusion tools here.

Theysohn Extrusionstechnik presents different solutions for coextrusion:

theysohn-coextrusionpillarPillar version for all kind of profile tools

This configuration,  the extruders are positioned next to each other and the coextruder is mounted on a pillar. Theysohn offers solutions for the single screw coextruder CO.32 as well as the conical extruders CON 50, CON 63 and CON 68.

This solution is also available as a retro-kit for existing profile extrusion lines and can be mounted onto existing extruders without having big changes.





Coextrusion for pipe- and siding production

Both extruders are positioned next to each other, whereby the coextruder is mounted on wheels and can be moved easily. This solution is suitable for all existing extruders in various combinations. The maximum output for PVC siding coextrusion is approx. 1500 kg/h depending on the type of profile the lines are extruding 45 m/min respectively. Depending on the combination of extruders, pipe head, pipe dimension, pipe material and formulation, an output from 400 to 1600 kg/h can be achieved for PVC pipe coextrusion.










CO.32 single-screw extruder

The CO.32 single-screw extruder can be used for profile- and pipe extrusion with rigid-PVC, soft-PVC, PA, PMMA and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).