Downstream for Profile Extrusion

Theysohn Vacuum Calibration Table

theysohn-downstream-profilThis product guarantees additional energy savings resulting from the use of frequency controlled pumps in the vacuum system and the closed water cycle in the calibration table. This set up minimizes contamination of cooling water in order to increase the surface quality of the profile and to minimize the volume of plastic scrap.

Benefits of the vacuum calibration Table are motor driven horizontal adjustment, water manifold with quick disconnecting couplings, water circulation pump with filter and by-pass, low maintenance design, ...


Theysohn Profile Haul-Off/Guillotine/Saw

Permanently lubricated chains in the haul-off prevent the profile from being contaminated by oil, a specially mounted blade in the extruder guillotine has been designed to prevent the much feared blade breakage. Alternatively the cutting unit can be equipped with a saw.

Further advantages of the haul-off/guillotine are direct AC-singledrive for each caterpillar, quick change haul-off pads, film protection unwinder for upper and lower profile surface, integrated cut-off unit with automatic knife clamping System, knife heating with temperature control, fast knife changing system during production, ...









Theysohn Profile Haul-Off

The Theysohn profile haul-off has been specially developed for pulling all kinds of small, medium and large profiles. For main profiles, for medium and smaller sizes of profiles the Theysohn haul-off is ideally suited for the use in complete PVC window profile extrusion lines.

Theysohn VS Vacuum System

theysohn-dowenstream-vs_systemThis new system with slim design for easier positioning between extrusion lines, is characterized by a very short return on investment. Based on 3 frequency controlled vacuum pumps and 2 frequency controlled water pumps energy savings of up to 80 % can be achieved in comparision to conventional calibration tables. Customization of the new vacuumsystem is possible as a result of its modular system. The user can set the vacuum reference value on the screen in mbar consequently the pumps run only with the speed required for production of the necessary vacuum. As Theysohn only uses standard components, there is no need for specially designed pumps and specially designed sensible proportional valves; therefore spare parts are easily available world wide. This new vacuum system is also available as retrofit system for mounting in conventional calibration tables.

Downstream for Pipe Extrusion

The extruder plasticizes PVC dryblend with a pipehead forming different pipe dimensions using variable die sets with apporpriate calibration sleeves. Vacuum tanks and spray tanks stabilize the size and cool the product. A haul-off pulls the strand with a cutting unit providing the requested length. An optional belling machine forms different socket designs.

Calibration tanks

Theysohn offers vacuum and double-chamber vacuum spray tanks in different sizes. They are made from stainless steel (V2A) and stand for their practice-oriented construction and solid manufacturing. Additional spray cooling baths are available.


Depending on the application, there are various types of haul-offs available. Belt Haul-offs with two belts are used for continuous haul-off of pipes in single strand extrusion. The caterpillar haul-off with 2 caterpillars is designed for single and multiple strand extrusion. The caterpillar clamp pressure front/rear is separately adjustable. The multiple caterpillar haul-off has been specially developed to pull pipes and considerably influences the wall thickness tolerance. Multiple caterpillar haul-offs for dimensions from 6 - 800 mm OD can be equipped with 3, 4, 6 or 8 caterpillars depending on the type of machine.

Cutting unit

The cutting unit is a planetary saw which combines a cutting and chamfer system. The different cutting and chamfering processes are performed with highest possible precision. With an exhauster hoot and chamfering tool at the cutting end,  the chips are collected in bags which are fixed at the frame of the saw. The traditional system of clamping the pipe consists of two pairs of fixed clamping jaws which clamp the pipe over the total circumference. The universal system consists of an appliance with progressive closing, which clamps the pipe on 8 (8+8) positions hence adjusting itself to the actual diameter.