An international team of experts

Theysohn Group

“Small enough to listen, strong enough to supply.”

— Michael Döring (Managing Director)

  Theysohn  Group


We want to achieve more together by treating our environment and its resources responsibly. Through the constant further development of our machines, we try to reduce the energy and water requirements and to keep the cost of materials as low as possible.


The cooperation with our employees is very trusting. We encourage every employee and recognize them as an independent personality. Only in this way can all work processes flow smoothly into one another and create a pleasant working atmosphere.


We want to achieve more together by running the company economically. We therefore try to achieve the best possible standards with the means available to us and to maintain them in the long term. All work processes and manufacturing processes are permanently checked and optimized.

Future oriented

Our operating and office equipment is continuously adapted to the necessary requirements and combines innovation with technology that inspires. In this way, we secure important modernization measures in the company and keep all development and manufacturing processes up to date.


We want to achieve more together by committing to consistent quality. All Theysohn products are 100% made in Germany. Our production is continuously monitored through self-checks by employees, making it safer. Our management system is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.


Customer oriented

With us, the customers are at the center of our thoughts and actions. We offer solutions that are tailored to you and that can lead your company to sustainable success. The personal wishes and requirements of the customer flow into our work.


We want to achieve more together by accepting the challenges of the future and setting the performance of the best as the benchmark for our work. No obstacle should slow us down, but rather bring us further.


Theysohn stands for a business partner that every customer and entrepreneur can trust. Competence and solutions for plastics machines, plastics processors as well as for the chemical and food industry at home and abroad are our passion and have been for several decades.

Our locations


Theysohn Salzgitter is the location where the production for the heart of every extruder and compounder is located, namely the plasticising unit. In Salzgitter, spare parts are also offered for extruders, for example single screws, twin screws, plus the associated barrels, compounder casings, but also repairs of worn process units. The know-how built up over decades in the manufacture of extruder components is the basis for the perfect quality of parts produced by Theysohn.

Salzgitter is also home to the competence centre for Theysohn TSK compounders and the TSKaskade Unity. It develops and manufactures compounders for filled or reinforced plastics, for the production of additive or colour masterbatch, for alloying and degassing plastics or for reactive extrusion applications.


Theysohn Austria is the competence centre for counter-rotating twin-screw extruders and conceptual development of complete pipe, pelletising and profile lines. With the newly developed energy-saving extruders, Theysohn is setting new standards in terms of efficiency, productivity and reliability. Theysohn Austria is also developing 3-layer pipe technology, C-PVC pipe and co-extrusion for any PVC pipe and profile and is constantly working to further maximise this technology.

Russia and CIS countries

The sales teams in Fort Worth, USA and in Moscow, Russia guarantee our customers in North America as well as Russia and the CIS countries the best service.

North America

The sales teams in Fort Worth, USA and in Moscow, Russia guarantee our customers in North America as well as Russia and the CIS countries the best service.


The plant in India produces extruders and downstream equipment for the Indian market. This plant is also responsible for the support of the Asian and East African markets.