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The Theysohn Group is a pioneer in the extrusion industry: With the new extrusion series, it is the only one in the world to supply extrusion lines that have been developed and built in-house and that have been optimized in terms of process technology.

twin-screw extruder

The Theysohn XTS series represents the latest development for counter-rotating twin-screw extruders and has been specially designed for use in flexible high-performance extrusion lines. The highest melt quality at the highest output is achieved with proven and reliable process units from our own production in Salzgitter (Germany). Modular barrels and screws allow 24D, 26D, 32D and 36D long plasticising units depending on requirements and customer preferences.


twin-screw extruders

With the co-rotating twin-screw extruder TSK Theysohn presents a series with outstanding flexibilty which meets your requirements on process. Theysohn TSK twin-screw extruder impress with their modular constructed process parts for barrel and screw and for their efficient temperature control at highest screw speed and torque.

Further we have with the TSK-HV a high-volume series in our portfolio, which is suitable for shear-sensitive products and materials with high volume requirements and the TSK-PCE which is able to process a wide range of formulations; the opening process section is ideal for battery compounds, powder coating formulations or adhesives.



Saving raw materials with the new extrusion technologies for secondary materials and high filler contents – Technology that inspires! The Theysohn TSKaskade UNITY series represents THE development of the combination of co- and counter-rotating extruder types. The TSKaskade UNITY series was designed especially for the need for flexible high-performance extrusion systems. Highest product quality and flexibility are achieved with proven and reliable modular process units. By the combination of both extrusion technologies each of the single systems can exploit it‘s original advantages, thus offering a never before achieved added value.


Extruder Components

For many decades the name THEYSOHN has stood for high-performance products for plastics and rubber processing. THEYSOHN products are shipped from the Salzgitter factory to many countries around the world. As essential components, they are used in machines of many renowned manufacturers and processors.
Developments were geared towards wear-protected plasticising units at an early stage. Optimum solutions are offered with wear-protected designs of barrels, housings and screws. The production of well over forty thousand screws and barrels in a wide variety of sizes and designs has allowed extensive development and production know-how to mature.


Perfect individual parts alone do not make sense.