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TSKaskade Unity


The Theysohn TSKaskade UNITY series represents THE development of the combination of co- and counter-rotating extruder types.  The innovative TSKaskade UNITY extrusion technology not only offers added value for classic PVC extrusion customers, we also perform highly filled and temperature/shear-sensitive technical compounds as well as a large number of other innovative applications.

Due to the possible use of co-rotating twin screw kneader, either of the high torque model series TSK or alternatively the high volume series TSK-HV, in combination with the counter-rotating series CON or XTS-R, a maximum variety for an optimal adaption process can be reached.

The application areas of the TSKaskade UNITY technology are the ability to make complete new compounds and semi-finished products for pipe-, profile- and cable extrusion as well as for high-quality injection-moulding compounds and other previously unattainable specialities.


  • total separation in process technology of product entry/plastification/dispersion/incorporation/degassing from the necessary pressure build-up etc.
  • highest reduction of melt temperature with intensive cooling of screw shafts and barrel
  • gentle utilization of extruder TSK and increased lifetime
  • elimination of pressure fluctuations and pulsing => guarantees the highest constant conveying product output
  • increase of output
  • improvement of product quality
  • continuous inline processes means much less energy consumption
  • simplified start of the machine
  • less consumption of raw material at the start
  • savings on raw material

Tasks for co-rotating extruder

  • Product entry for granules, powder, flakes
  • Plastification
  • Atmospheric degassing of the melt
  • Incorporation of filler and reinforcing materials
  • Mixing/homogenization of the melt
  • Vacuum degassing of the melt
  • Pressure reduced transfer of the product

Tasks for discharge extruder

  • Max. efficient product entry
  • Reduction of the melt temperature
  • Keeping constant the volume flow
  • Pressure build-up for tools and downstream equipment
  • Pulsation-free discharge

Tasks for Co-Extruder

  • Co-Extrusion of the inner- and outer layer (min. 0,5 mm)

Examples of use "Inline processes" application

  • Polyolefine Multi layer pipe, max load CaCo3, BaSo4, TiO2
  • PVC inline pipe extrusion (~1000 kg/h and higher)
  • Calender feed
  • Recycling profile
  • Hotmelts
  • Replacement of mixing systems to continious processes
  • Polyolefines filled sheets and profiles
  • ABS, PC, PET sheets
  • Rubber technology
  • Roofing and floor sheet PVC, TPU, TPO

Examples of use "Pelletizing" application

  • Masterbatch white, max. load CaCo3, BaSo4, TiO2
  • TPE group compounding
  • Cable compounds (low, medium, high voltage)
  • HFFR/Flame retardants
  • Masterbatch black, max. load
  • TPU, TPO, TPU reaction
  • Cross linked polymers
  • Food
  • Polyolefines + WPC or Cellulosics, Rice, hemp
  • PVC for medical technology
  • Soft and hard PVC
  • PVC, max load CaCo3

Tasks for recycling

  • Recycling from PVC and Polyolefine