The new innovative extrusion concept

The ultimate solution for excessive melt temperatures.


Advantages of TSKaskade UNITY

Combination of co-rotating & counter-rotating twin-screw extruders 
for a wide range of application

The Theysohn TSKaskade UNITY series represents THE development of the combination of co- and counter-rotating extruder types. The TSKaskade UNITY series was designed especially for the need for flexible high-performance extrusion systems. Highest product quality and flexibility are achieved with proven and reliable modular process units.  

Due to the possible use of co-rotating twin screw kneader, either of the high torque model series TSK or alternatively the high volume series TSK-HV, in combination with the counter-rotating series CON or XTS-R, a maximum variety for an optimal adaption process can be reached. 

By the combination of both extrusion technologies each of the single systems can exploit it‘s original advantages, thus offering a never before achieved added value.

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