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We want to thank all employees and their families, our customers and suppliers who are constantly working with full effort to ensure that it is still on-going within this difficult situation. Together we will succeed to cope with the challenges in the future!

The health of our employees and stability of our supply are the top priorities for THEYSOHN. Therefore, we are committed to support all action to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus and have defined appropriate policies at all sites for prevention. Our aim is to contribute to hindering the spread of COVID-19, to protect the health of our employees, and as a result, safeguard our ongoing business activities and supply to our customers as much as possible.

This is the powerful slogan by Theysohn CEOs Michael Döring, Uwe Langanke and Torsten Grosser in the times of COVID-19

A message from Theysohn Team Austria! (Edmund Landrock, Brigitte Stoimenov, Markus Schwanzer, Eveline Koller, Marcus Mandl, Sabine Schuh, Christian Gettinger, Peter Mathy, Florian Luser, Jürgen Baumann, Martin Steininger)

Check out our sales colleagues from around the world. They also followed the motto...
Michael Döring (Theysohn Germany), Carsten Meyer (Theysohn Germany), Andreas Holt (Theysohn Germany), Christoph Hienle (Theysohn Germany), Harald Heyen (Theysohn Germany), Georg Gimeyn (Theysohn Russia), Tatiana Pashinskaya (Theysohn Russia), Rajesh Shinde (Theysohn India)


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